M2M Solutions

Machine-to-machine communication is really catching on.  Whether you call it M2M or IoT, the concept is the same.  You want the devices and equipment around you to communicate:

  • Your punch presses, press brakes, etc… can tell you how often it has cycled
  • Your injection molding machines can tell you process times and throughput automatically
  • ATMs and Currency Sorters can tell you how many bills they’ve gone through and if they need attention
  • The assembly line can you tell how which positions are having trouble – automatically
  • Deliver automated, real-time reports
  • Hour by hour and process control charts update in real-time
  • And much, much more

MCFALLSTECH is a leader in this field.  We can implement a solution to give valuable insight into how things are performing.   All without user input.  In fact, in most cases, we significantly streamline the operation because you are probably doing this manually now.

We start with your machine and determine what exactly it is capable of in terms of protocols and communication ports.  If there are no options available to us, we’ll look to install a PLC or data collection device to capture information.  The PLCs we use from our partners are MODBUS capable and have RS-485 ports.  Using a MODBUS-to-Ethernet converter, we can send these signals through your local network to update databases.

We currently do not integrate with advanced test equipment.  The VISA and SCPI commands are a bit too specialized for what we do, and the drivers/protocols for this technology can vary greatly between manufacturers.  We have used Keysight and Agilent DMMs with some success.  If you have an application where this might apply, you can still give us a call.  We’ll be glad to assist in any way we can.

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