Ruby on Rails

Over the last year, we’ve been developing an expertise in Ruby.  Specifically, the Rails framework has been an area of focus along with automated server scripts.  We currently have one solution deployed that is helping a licensed terminal operator in the state of IL manage their money, their processes, their people, and their assets far more effectively.  This solution uses machine-to-machine communication along with a custom UI so that it works perfectly in their business.  And we are looking forward to more Rails deployments in the future.  Ruby, combined without our already extensive knowledge in PHP and Python, means we have even more options available to us to develop our world-class solutions.

With our full stack support, we can setup the Linux servers, install the packages, write the software, and manage the deployment and versioning.  It is painless for the customer as we handle almost everything from concept to launch including training and support.

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Greg McFalls is a recognized leader in the field of custom software solutions in lean operations environments. MCFALLSTECH was started to help as many companies as possible be more competitive in this age of advanced technology.

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