Our Process

  1. Determine Project Requirements
  2. Develop Project Plan
  3. Send/Sign Agreement(s)
  4. Work Together To Achieve Plan
  5. Review Constantly – An Agile Development Methodology

Our process is unique. We don’t believe in lengthy project scoping sessions – the project will change constantly throughout its lifecycle. We believe in constant collaboration and progress using an Agile development philosophy.

Our results have been tremendous

  • A system designed to help count money has helped reduced the time to process cash by 75%.  This is flexible, automated solution that eliminates a lot of the manual steps required for tracking how money is processed.
    • We are experts in machine-to-machine communication protocols
  • A sheetmetal manufacturer has a whole new ERP system that controls everything from quoting to shipping.  This system has changed how the company operates and they are the dominate player in their market.
  • A large, multi-billion dollar manufacturer of engineered products saw tremendous gains in productivity using a new real-time, automated data collection and planning system.  This system is now used in multiple plants and multiple countries to drive improvement in their processes.
  • A custom manufacturer of highly specialized materials improved their ability to track and manage production orders.  Previously, this was done in Excel and error prone.  Today, they never lose track of an order and on-time shipments are at the highest levels in the company’s history.
  • A diverse manufacturer of highly customized products can now plan their millions of variations smoothly and effectively using a custom-algorithm designed by MCFALLSTECH.

Most of these systems are such assets to their companies that they are considered trade-secret.  Because of this, we maintain strict confidentiality statements and non-disclosure agreements.  I can tell you the nature of what we work on, but I can’t provide any more detail than what’s above.

You can trust us with your information, and we work on some of the hardest problems facing these companies.

Our engagements are partnerships. Think of us as an extension of your team.

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