We do an interactive & engaging workshop on Mixed Model Production.  Learn Lean Manufacturing in a whole new way with an exciting, hands-on experience where you’ll build your own production line that flows smoothly even with a complex variety of assemblies.  Email us for more information.

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Process Improvement.  Improved.

Data. Dashboards. Decisions.

You’re working hard enough. Don’t add more tasks to your managers, engineers, or IT staff to create dashboards or extra systems.  MCFALLSTECH works hard to give you the data you need, the dashboards you crave, so you can make decisions that can save millions of dollars.

No More Guess Work

Systems Designed For You.  Systems Designed By You.

Software Development

MCFALLSTECH works together with you to build software solutions around your business needs.  Get exactly what you want quickly & easily.

Proven Experience

Scientific Games, Universal Gaming Group, Johnson Coil, government agencies and many others rely everyday on solutions provided by MCFALLSTECH

Process Improvement

With 20 years of Lean Manufacturing experience, every solution is designed to eliminate waste

Advanced Engineering

From Data Analytics with Pandas and R to Mechanical Engineering design in SolidWorks, MCFALLSTECH has capabilities that go well beyond just software development.

Only One Thing Really Matters To Us

Your success.  It’s all we care about.  MCFALLSTECH has experience in software development and mechanical engineering to create the best solutions possible for you.

Manage Easier

Real-time Information

Everything works together so you can work together.  Optimize workflows and get real-time information, dashboards, reports, & analytics so you can manage easier and perform better.

Our Wonderful Technology Partners

Affiliated Control

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MCFALLSTECH is proud to work with Affiliated Control to design, install, & service solutions for your process automation needs

Affiliated Control Equipment provides the very best solutions for almost any process automation application. As a partner with Mitsubishi Electric, Festo, Banner, and many other companies, Affiliated Control Equipment offers a selection of world-class components and capabilities.


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Navicat is the world’s leading database management tool to simplify database management. MCFALLSTECH is an authorized reseller and provides the very best pricing on the very best DB mgmt tool on the market today.

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Get Bartender

Labeling made easy. MCFALLSTECH is an authorized reseller of Bartender and has a partnership with ScanSource. Barcode scanners, printers, Bartender software … all at the best prices.

Certified Cloud Architect

PLC Ladder Logic experience installing and programming Teco, DirectLogic, Mitsubishi L and F series, VFDs, HMIs

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